Assignment – week of 4/27

This week:

Review the FRQ 5 and 6 Secrets (link on the right). COPY the 2 graphics (the figured bass and the voice leading rules) onto a piece of plain paper. Different colors optional 🙂

Do 2016 FRQ 5&6 and submit. TIME yourself. You get 25 minutes to finish BOTH. Truly time yourself.

Do the 2018 Sightreading Examples, give yourself 5 minutes to practice each one – record and submit.

Recap of what you’ll turn in (I’d prefer Remind or email if you can!)–

1-A picture/scan of your HAND COPY of the graphics on the FRQ 5 and 6 secrets page

2-A picture/scan of your completed 2016 FR 5 and 6

3-A voice recording of you singing the 2018 Sightreading exercises.

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