Class Policies


1. Respect one another’s differences ~ feed on one another’s strengths.
2. Homework is to be turned in the following day after it is assigned. Most is checked for accuracy. Half credit will be awarded to late homework (regardless of turn-in date)
3. If you are absent on a Quiz or Test day…rest assured the makeup Quiz or Test is more difficult.
4. We will not discuss the actual AP Exam until January. Mark your calendars now.
5. Be your own advocate. Don’t ever, ever, EVER let me move on if you don’t understand something.
6. Check our website often. LOTS of info and resources here!

Grading Procedures:
A total of 1000 points can be earned each 9-weeks. You can do the math to determine what your letter grade will be. Please note: 895/1000 is still a “B”. To me, that is 5 points away from an A…not ½ point. Each term has a slightly different breakdown. The basic layout is:

Homework/Class Assignments —— between 10-35 points
Quizzes —– between 40-75 points
SightSinging Quizzes —— 50 points
Tests —– 100 points
9-weeks Composition Assignment —— 50-300 points (increases every term)

Extra Credit:
Concerts that involve Leon AP Theory students are worth
5 points extra credit (equivalent to 5 points added to a test grade) PER CONCERT.
Concerts that do not involve Leon AP Theory students are worth
5 points extra credit for every 3 concerts attended.


**You may not be a performer or technician in any way for the concert.
**3/4 page (typed, 12 pt font, double spaced) review that intelligently discusses the musical elements of the performance.
**You must attach the program to your Concert Review.
**The Concert Review is due no later than 5 school days following the event.

School tardy policy applies.

Don’t be absent. This class has a nasty “snowball” effect when you are gone. It is extremely difficult to keep up! If you are gone and you miss a HW assignment, there is a plastic folder on the AP Theory bulletin board that contains extra copies of the homework assignments. It is your responsibility to get that assignment and submit it in a timely manner. Here’s the bright side: I know when all the “music kid” trips are. I’m not gonna make your life miserable.
Special Note: If you are absent more than 6 times during the first or second 9-weeks (no matter the reason), and you have a “C” or below…I will drop you from the class.

Exam Exemption:
The Semester Exam can be exempted by students earning an “A” in both the first and second 9-week grading period (unless you’ve been suspended. If you’ve been suspended…well…shame on you. You deserve to take your exams.)

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