Current Redcoats

September 9, 2021

Bus 1 Report Time – 4:50 – 5:00pm
Bus 2 Report Time – 4:55 – 5:05pm
Bus 3 Report Time – 5:00 – 5:15pm
Bus 4 Report Time – 5:05 – 5:20pm
SPOT Time – 5:30pm
Depart LHS – 5:45pm
Game Starts – 7:00pm
Depart Gene Cox – 10:00pm
Arrive at Leon – approx. 10:30pm


This THURSDAY the Leon High School Lions will take on Florida State University School at Gene Cox Stadium!

Students should plan to report to the band room during their arrival window, as determined by their BUS. We will NOT be marching Full Uniforms this week.  We still have/had a few students to outfit for uniforms and need all the necessary shoes to arrive. Students will need to wear: Tennis Shoes (no crocs), Shorts, RED T-Shirt (not polo). It is expected that students also bring their water cooler (some still have not been picked up), and Redcoats Bags (this is the only bag I will allow into the game). Auxiliary students will again wear the sparkle tops and black pants.

Students who play large instruments such as percussion and most brass should plan on arriving early (around 4:15-4:30) to help load trucks for the game. Other students who do not need their instrument loaded will report at their specified arrival window. Once they have their belongings they will go into the band hallway and receive their inspection from their section leaders. After they have finished their inspection they will go and find their spot in the CAFETERIA. This spot will correlate to their spot on the bus. Spots on the bus are PRE-ASSIGNED and cannot be changed in order to best help with contact tracing if necessary.

Once we have finished all the necessary announcements we will take attendance for each bus in our assigned locations and then we will quickly take bus attendance and move onto the buses. The goal is to not sit on buses for an extended period of time. Students should be prepared with all their necessary items BEFORE we move to SPOT time. Please be advised with a new location, this means there will be new traditions. New members, follow the lead of your vets and do your best J

We are the home team so, students should be prepared to play the National Anthem prior to the start of the game. We will play the stand tunes we did last week as well as some new ones.

The FSUS Band will of course be in attendance. We will be marching our show through the ballad (like last week). Be prepared to run on and off – we will set on the sidelines and watch their band perform. We will cheer the loudest when they are done with their show then, we will complete our show.

After the shows are both completed we will have a break at third quarter. Students must return at 2:00 minutes left. Again, the rule applies – for every student that is back late, I take back one minute.  So far, you have all been terrific with this expectation. Please continue to demonstrate this responsibility. Some general rules for break during games at Gene Cox

  1. You must remain in the band area, the open area behind the south end zone (where the buses are) or by the concession stand. Please do not wander off into the stands. I need to be able to see you in case of an emergency.
  2. You are NOT permitted to eat during this break. Once we are in full uniform, eating is strictly prohibited, therefore we are using this as a practice.
  3. We need to keep our friends that are visiting with us out of the band area. Many of our instruments are very expensive and it is best if our friends aren’t around to potentially cause an accident.
  4. Remember, you are an ambassador to the Leon Band Program – you are expected to be on your BEST behavior the entire time. I DO NOT want to have to find you and tell you, you are not maintaining the Redcoat Expectations.
    1. In short – if you would be hesitant to do it while I was standing next to you, don’t do it.
    2. This includes the words you choose.
  5. Parents are here to help you be at your best, if a band parent asks you to do something, the answer is “Yes.”

Reminder – students are not permitted to eat in uniform. This means they should eat before the game begins. Additionally, we are in a new location this week. This means that you need to remain in the band area of the stands or immediately next to the stands. Please do not wander around into either sets of stands. If you have family or friends that would like to see you during this time, they need to come to us.

Once the second half of the game is done we will be getting back on the busses and returning to Leon High School. A remind message will be sent to parents as we are leaving Gene Cox.

Once the band room is returned to its normal state then all students will be allowed to leave. It is expected that everyone will help return the band room back to normal. Please help pick up trash or front ensemble items that are left out.


PARENTS: In case you missed this info, Mr. Commander will be using the Remind101 system to help relay information about any changes or departures for this event and all other marching band events throughout the season. Please follow the directions below and sign up for text reminders.

  1. Text this number: 81010
  2. With this message: @Bandheroes
  3. Follow the instructions.

This will enroll you in the “class” and allow you me to communicate to you.

If you are still have issues

  1. Please email me and I can manually enroll you.



As always please let me know how I can be of assistance to anyone and I would like to thank anyone and everyone who has helped in anyway this school year. I am looking forward to watching this show develop and know that you all will join me in that excitement.

If you have, any questions please feel free to email me at