Current Redcoats

 Leon vs. Chiles
October 27, 2017

Leon VS. Chiles
October 27, 2017

Report Time – 4:00pm
SPOT Time – 4:45pm
Depart LHS – 5:00pm
Picture – 5:30pm
Game Starts – 7:00pm
Post Game – 10:00pm
Depart Gene Cox – 10:30pm
Arrive at Leon – 11:00pm


This Friday the Leon High School Lions will take on The Lincoln Trojans at Gene Cox Stadium.


Report time this week is slightly earlier because we will be taking our group picture this week. We need to have this picture taken while we are on the visitor side due the sun. Students should plan on arriving with enough time to get ready for the game.


Students should plan on marching full uniforms this week. If it appears that rain is a possibility we will be marching in T-shirts and Jeans in order to keep our uniforms clean for MPA. Students should plan to have ALL marching items with them for use in the game. This includes: long white socks, dinkles, white shorts, official Leon band shirt, gloves, towel, water cooler. While the bag IS NOT part of the official uniform, it is THE ONLY PERMITABLE BAG allowed in the stands.  Please make sure you have all necessary items in hard PRIOR to loading the bus.


As of now, the plan is that the band will march a part of the show and not all of the show. Due to the length of our show along with the length of Chiles’ show, we would both be unable to march our entire show. Since we are the visiting team, it is considerate to allow them the opportunity at their home game.


Students will have a third quarter break and then we will resume during the 4th quarter. Students are expected to be back with 4 minutes remaining on the clock.

Once the game is over we will return to Leon and put our things away in preparation for MPA on Satuday.


THEN GO SLEEP! You have a very long day on Saturday and you will be thankful that you went to bed on Friday!


On a different note completely, let me just say how incredibly proud I am of each of you for the overwhelming amount of work you have done over the past several weeks. You have handled each event with poise and the work is truly showing off. We are in the home stretch and I am so excited to see what happens at the very end of the season!