Current Redcoats

Battle on the Border Competition
October 20, 2018

Continuity Rehearsal – 9:00am
Continuity Ends – 10:00am
Depart LHS – 10:30am
Arrive at Lowndes HS – 12:30pm
Lunch – Upon arrival
Change into Uniforms – 1:35pm
Warm-up – 2:35pm
Prelims Performance – 3:20pm
Prelim Awards – 5:30ish pm
Finals Begin – 7:00pm
Final Awards – After 9:00pm
Depart for Tallahassee – After Finals

On October 20, 2018 the Leon Marching Redcoats will be performing in their one competition of the year, Battle on the Border.  This day is going to be JAMMED PACKED with stuff to do and it is important to remember that things like marching competitions are out of our control. We are going to have to be flexible, based on my previous experiences with marching competitions most things do not go as according to plan.

That morning we will have a very brief marching rehearsal. Think of it as a mental wake up for the day. To refresh the things that are quite good and maybe review some of our weaker sections. This shouldn’t take much longer than 30 – 45 minutes.

Once that rehearsal is over we will be gathering our things and loading equipment. Front ensemble and equipment will be loaded from the marching field. Other equipment will be loaded from the front of the school. Since we are taking charter buses, it is not possible for the buses to fit on the bus ramp. Once we have finished loading all of our things, triple checked that we have everything and are situated on the buses we will be leaving for Valdosta. This must happen no later than 10:30am.

After we arrive in Valdosta the band will be providing the students some sandwiches to eat. At 1:35pm we will be able to go and change into our uniforms for our prelims performance. It will be important that we are not boisterous because other bands will be performing at this time. Please do not make a staff person get on to you for being a disruption.

Our warm-up time is set for 2:35pm and we will perform at 3:20pm. We look forward to as many parents and friends who can be there to support the marching redcoats. Concluding our performance


This year, we will be able to change out of our uniforms into the appropriate under uniform before we go back to the stadium to finish watching Prelims and Finals Performances. Students need to keep their white shorts and uniform shirts on the entire time they are at the competition.  Council, you may take your jackets off but need to keep the bibbers on because you are needed for the retreat. This means please have your towel with you as well. Color Guard, consult with Mrs. Wimberley.

After the prelim awards (and they tell us we made finals) we will go back to the bus where dinner will be waiting for us. This will likely mean we will need to eat quickly and be prepared to go back into full uniform. We find out our finals time shortly after the preliminary awards. However, it is possible we could be performing first in which case we need to be changed and ready to warm up again as early as 6:15. (This is what happened two years ago, so it is entirely possible). Though, the better our prelim performance the longer break we have between performances.

From dinner until the end of the competition, I will need all students and parents to be flexible. It is impossible to know what the order is or when things are going to happen so, decisions will have to be made on the spot. Staff will disseminate information as soon as they have decided what will work best for everyone.

Once finals are complete, they will have a secondary awards ceremony to announce grand champions and so forth. Once that portion is done we will go back to our buses, allow council (and whomever else is still in uniform) to change out of their things and prepare to head home. At this point a remind 101 will be sent out alerting parents that we are returning.

Upon the return on Leon High School students need to help return everything to its proper location and make sure things are left BETTER than when they found them. Once everything is back in its proper location students will be dismissed to parents.


Important Things to Know:

  • We only have a certain number of arm bands. Parents will need to coordinate with Jennie Alvis, who will be receiving an arm band prior to that day. Please do not assume we will have extras.
  • Spectators will be admitted for $10. Students under the age of 5 are admitted free.
  • Food and beverage will be available at the concession stand during the competition but, any food purchased there will be your personal expense. (A copy of the concession stand prices is available for viewing in the band room.)
  • The band will have a designated seating area. They must sit in this area. If you are a chaperone with the band you also must sit with the band. If you purchased your own admission ticket, you should plan on sitting in the general admission area.
  • Happy grams are available for $1.00. These are messages you can have read to the band before one of their performances.
  • Lowndes High School is Tobacco Free Campus.
  • There will be DVD’s of the performances available during the competition day.
  • Lunch (Sandwiches and chips) will be provided by the band.
  • Dinner (extra cost) We will order pizza and chick-fil-a sandwiches and have them for the students after preliminary awards. Students and parents must pre order and pre pay.  Order forms will be available in the band room and sent out through Charms.  Cost is $3.00 per person for pizza and $4.00 per chick-fil-a sandwich.  Order forms with payment will be due by Tuesday, October 16th in the band box.  (We will also ask for donations from parents of fruit, water and cookies to supplement the dinner.)


Please remember that while we are at this event we are ambassadors of Leon High School and your actions are reflections of you, your colleagues, Mr. Commander and the rest of staff as well as Mr. Epting and the reputation of past and future band members. Be on your best behavior even if other students are less than professional to you.