Hello and welcome to the Leon Keyboard page! The Parent/Student letter that is sent home at the beginning of the year is accessible here and includes all things keyboard. Please check it out if any questions arise or email Mrs. Leaman at leamanl@leonschools.net.

Students, All instruction is taking place in the classroom. If you are quarantined or have extended absences, please try to take your workbook and schedule home to keep up to date with music theory work.


Keyboard Recitals

The end of the year Keyboard Recitals will be in the Leon High School Chorus Room.

May 16            1st period class –  5:00pm

                           3rd period lass – 6:15 pm

                           4th period class 7:30 pm

 May 17          5th period class 6:15 pm

                          6th period class  7:30 pm

Participation in the Evening Recitals is an important part of keyboard class for all students.    Please let your teacher know the moment you discover a conflict so that we can schedule you to play with another class.