Keyboard Recitals

Upper level pianists will have an opportunity to perform for PAWS (performing Arts Winter Showcase) December 8 & 9, 2023.  We will choose performers in November.

There are other performance opportunities throughout the year that will be communicated to prepared students as they arise.

All piano students (level 1-4) will play in the end of the year Keyboard Recitals will be in the Leon High School Chorus Room.

May 14            1st period class –  5:00pm

                           3rd period lass – 6:15 pm

                           4th period class 7:30 pm

 May 15          5th period class 6:15 pm

                          6th period class  7:30 pm

Participation in the Evening Recitals is an important part of keyboard class for all students.    Please let your teacher know the moment you discover a conflict so that we can schedule you to play with another class.