Assignment 4/16 and 4/17

Be prepared to answer any of these questions on a quiz on Wednesday: click here

Assignment Tuesday and Wednesday 3/6 and 3/7

Please read the following pdf about set design. Make notes on the following”   -types of stages -types of set…

Publicity Project 2018

Go to, click the ‘Student Login’ button and enter the project name , tech 2018. Go to and create a new design….


publicity Assignment – look at the posters in the pdf above. choose your favorite two and the two you think…

LD song

audio clip

1/9 – 1/11 video on lights

To watch the video, go to  

Audacity Project 2017

audacity project

Tech 2/3/4 assignment 10/4

Read the following article and be prepared to explain it:

Audacity Songs

click here for songs

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