Makeup Morgue Project

Stage Makeup Assignment 1:

You are going to turn in a Makeup Morgue.


You will create a Powerpoint file that organizes your Makeup Morgue into the 5 categories.


Find the following examples of each style of makeup on the internet. These may not be hand drawn.


Face must be shown close up.  (Grossies/Gories – no real pictures… only stage makeup)


Must represent both genders in each category (except Grossies/Gories).


Where should you look?  Plays, musicals, magazines, other theatre advertisements, commercials, playbills, etc…


Turn in:

The file with the title “Last Name_Morgue.pptx”

(but put YOUR LAST NAME in it)




Corrective Female- 2 images female, 2 Male

Glamor- 3 images

Old Age- 3 images

Stylized/Fantasy- 5 images

Grossies and Gories – 2 face images, 2 non-face


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