Please make sure to attend the performer/parent meeting in the Leon chorus room on Wednesday at 6:00pm – measurements happening then, too!

Thank you to all who auditioned!


Note: all men will be priests and soldiers in addition to the roles below:

Alexandre Michael Zoser Egyptian
Allen Presley Handmaiden Egyptian
Barber Mya Aida Nubian
Bennett Chokwe Amonsaro Nubian
Bickham Jaylyn Nubian
Brangaccio Amelia Handmaiden/Phoenician Dancer Egyptian
Brangaccio Maya Handmaiden/Phoenician Dancer Egyptian
Brown Kenara Nehebka Nubian
Brown Clia Nubian
Bryson Emma Egyptian
Campana Joelie Muses of Anubis Egyptian
Coleman-Greene Ariel Handmaiden Nubian
Connolly Helena Handmaiden Egyptian
Cordova Benjamine Amonsaro Nubian
Cuffy Promise Handmaiden Nubian
Cummings Katelyn Nubian
Davis Tiger Egyptian
Dillard Tramia(Mirth) Nubian
Douglas Hannah Handmaiden Egyptian
Ducatt Madison Amneris Egyptian
Duncan Siena Egyptian
Durant Shakenna Handmaiden Nubian
Edwards Jermaine Nubian
Gamboa Victoria Egyptian
Greisl Piper Handmaiden/Phoenician Dancer Egyptian
Hairston Lehana Nubian
Halstrom Casey-Marie Handmaiden Egyptian
Harris Janylee Nubian
Hill Sebastian Pharoah Egyptian
hiltz jordan Handmaiden Egyptian
Holliday Jennifer Egyptian
Hopson Aminieli Nubian
Johnson Naomi Egyptian
Jones Tyler Radames Egyptian
Kaven Sean Pharoah Egyptian
Kinch Paige Egyptian
Lagos Franchesca Handmaiden Egyptian
Leaman Ella Egyptian
Lincicome Indya Aida Nubian
Malley Cecilia Egyptian
Malley John Zoser Egyptian
Malley Theresa Muses of Anubis Nubian
McArthur Finlea Muses of Anubis Egyptian
McCray Sydney Nehebka Nubian
Miller Rachael Handmaiden Egyptian
Miller Treveon Mereb Nubian
Moore Ryan Nubian
Nelson Nicolas Traitor Priest Egyptian
Owens Cierra Nubian
Pastula Emma Egyptian
Pesta Eva Egyptian
Pollock Riordan Zoser’s lakey Egyptian
Proctor Leigh Egyptian
Ramsey Isaiah Nubian
Reed Everett Radames Egyptian
Robertson Kinsey Handmaiden Egyptian
Roby Jeylan Nubian
Ruis Noah Egyptian
Schlazer Nathan Egyptian
Scriven Sam Mereb Nubian
Shackelford Lydia Egyptian
Sigler Sterling Amneris Egyptian
Smith Emma Egyptian
Stanley Griffin Male Dance Captain Egyptian
Waddell Alana Nubian
Walker Apryl Nubian
Walker Jeison Nubian
Wessner Caden Egyptian
Whiddon Cody Lieutenant (Featured Soloist) Egyptian
Williams Keen Egyptian
Zapata Ashley Egyptian
Zuehlke Lily Egyptian