Leadership Application 2022-2023

If you are interested in a leadership position with Leon Chorus for next year, please read the descriptions and then fill out the application below.

leadership application 22-23

Position Descriptions: 

President: In Charge of community service for Capital Singers; works closely with the Directors on all things Leon Chorus; may be asked to rehearse/warm up Capital Singers as needed. 

Student Director: A 2-year member of Madrigals or Melodears. Rehearses the ensemble in the Director’s absence. 

Treasurer: Prepares deposits for Leon Chorus; may keep the ledger for the Choral Department. 

Secretary: Checks the seating chart (daily) for Capital Singers. 

Section Leader: May be asked to run a sectional rehearsal, is in charge of folders/supplies for your section. 

Historian: Takes photos for the organization, keeps up with social media for Leon Chorus. 

Librarian: In charge of sheet music for Leon Chorus.