Anastasia Audition details


You will be recording a video of yourself (Part 1 and 2 below) and submit via flipgrid. The video will show you “warming up” (vocal range), and 60-90 seconds of you singing. (hint – ACT through your singing!!!)

Make sure they are all on the same flipgrid video. Use THIS LINK to upload the video.



Go to this page and select the HIGH SCHOOL exercises. The first is sung on ZAAAAH and the second is sung on ZEEEE.

(this is an example^^)

Soprano/Alto = please do BOTH the soprano 2 exercise AND the alto 2 exercise.

Tenor Basses please do BOTH the Tenor 2 exercise and the Bass 2 exercise.

*it’s ok if the examples go too high or too low – I just want to see your range!


Please state your NAME, your SCHOOL, your CURRENT GRADE LEVEL, and  sing 60-90 seconds of any song (musical theatre song preferred) that you feel showcases your voice!

Please use an accompaniment (karaoke) track and sing along with it. (No background vocals on the track, please)

No A Cappella auditions will be accepted.