Instrument Rental

  • Welcome to the Leon High School Orchestra! In order to be successful this school year, it is important for students to have their own instrument in class for rehearsals. We understand that some students do not have their personal instruments, and have a limited supply of instruments at the school. If students do not own their own instruments, and cannot obtain a school instrument, students are required to rent an instrument for the school year. Music Masters has an excellent rental program where students may “rent to own.” The instrument rental is on a month-to-month basis.

    Below are the steps to rent an instrument online through the Music Masters rental program as well as the prices for all of the instrument rentals.

    1. Visit 
    2. Scroll down to the instrument rental flyer on the first page, and click on the flyer.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to select the following information:
      1. District: Leon County-FL
      2. School: Leon High School
      3. Teacher: String Program
      4. Instrument
        1. Violin/Viola – $24.99/Month
        2. Cello – $44.99/Month
        3. Bass – $69.95/Month

    Music Masters Instrumental Freedom Rental Program

    Playground Music Center also has an excellent rent-to-own program with excellent quality instruments.