FRQ 3-4 Secrets

Either or both could be in major or minor. If minor – ALWAYS harmonic!!!

There will be a half, deceptive, or authentic cadence at the end.

The SOPRANO will likely end on the root or 3rd of the last chord.

FR 3 = all diatonic.

FR 4 = one chromatic chord – probably V/V, V/IV, V/vi, V/ii, or viio7/V (think about what scale degrees are chromatic for these!!)


If LT in bass, then V6 (or V 6/5)

If mediant in bass, then I6

If bass repeats a note, they are DIFFERENT roman numerals. Most common are the ii6 – IV, and the I6/4 – V

You will only notate the Soprano, the Bass, and the Roman Numerals.

Before you move on, you will USE THE FOURS.

Opening Harmonic Patterns:

I V6 I

I V6/4 I6


I I6

I V vi

I viio6 I

I vi IV

Closing Harmonic Patterns:

I6/4 V I (could be deceptive vi)

ii V I (could be deceptive vi)


IV V I (could be deceptive vi)

ii V