FRQ 5 and 6 Secrets

FRQ 5 is a figured bass SATB realization.

FRQ 6 is an SATB part-writing

FRQ 5: You will add Roman Numerals and the SAT voices.

FRQ 6: You will add SATB voices:


All of these numbers indicate inversions AND intervals above the bass. (Remember this picture – the blue numbers are not always present!) Think about what member of the chord the bass is (is it the root? 3rd? 5th? 7th?)

1- For FR 5: Figure out the Roman Numerals. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INCLUDED ANY ALTERED PITCHES. 4 – # or 4 – natural is a SUSPENSION! (please prepare suspensions in the same voice they are held and resolved!)

2 – fill in the chords obeying our voice leading rules, including the doublings! (see graphic below). MAKE SURE YOU SPELL EACH CHORD CORRECTLY – double check this!!! (there is a huge point loss for incorrectly spelled chords)

3 – FR 6 probably has a CHROMATIC chord – make sure you put the accidental on the proper pitch!