What We Do

This course develops knowledge of and hands-on experience in all the technical (nonperformance) aspects of theatrical production. Special emphasis is placed on the elements of theatrical design (scenery, lighting, properties, sound, costumes, and hair and make-up), design analysis, stage management, and production management.

During the second semester, the course broadens the focus of design to include lighting design and expands the student’s understanding of the inter-relatedness of the various design aspects such as mood, color, line, application and perspective. . The topics covered include research techniques and tools, play analysis for visual interpretation, graphic techniques of expression including sketching, drafting, rendering and model building. Students learn specialized vocabulary and explore set design, lighting design, and costume design. Problem solving, leadership, and working well under pressure are stressed as the students are exposed to the history of theatrical design and current trends in technical theatre.

In addition, the Leon technical theatre students are the staff support that runs the 120+ events that occur in the Leon Performing Arts Theatre (LPAT) every year. These events include concerts, plays, meetings, awards ceremonies, etc.