Volunteer Spotlight


Marching Redcoat equipment handlers are some of the most dedicated people in the Redcoat Family.  Their jobs start hours before a game or event and they’re often the last to get home.  We see their daring feats like loading and unloading large instruments, hauling podiums across a football field, and managing the organized chaos of moving equipment onto and off of a field quickly.  What we don’t see are activities like picking up and returning trucks, building props, tending and mending every piece of equipment with wheels, coordinating electricity, and the list goes on.  These volunteers go about their business without much fanfare, but they really are the backbone of the marching operation.  We are lucky that these mechanically inclined and generous people are part of the Redcoat Family!  Thank you for ALL that you do!


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Huge thank you to all of the Parents who help support the band in all capacities!!