Volunteer Spotlight


Have you enjoyed scrolling through band camp photos on our Facebook page?  Have you marveled at Leon Band performance videos?  Have you appreciated a glimpse of your child in action when you couldn’t be there to experience it yourself?  Well, we can thank John Felder for capturing all of these special moments.  John was named the 17-18 Marching Redcoat Volunteer of the Year, and he has not slowed down with the start of the 18-19 year!  John and his wife Lisa are proud parents of Marching Redcoat sophomore Casey, and we have photographic evidence that they don’t miss an event!  If you haven’t met John yet, it’s because he’s usually somewhere up high, behind a camera, taking video and photographs of every Redcoat activity.  John arrives early for set-up (even for out-of-town events) and spends hours editing and preparing products for viewing.  John dedicates countless hours every week to share the Redcoats’ progress and excellence.  John has done this for years, even when he didn’t have a Redcoat!  His partner in all this, Lisa, is quick to post and share John’s work with the Redcoat community.  John exemplifies a true volunteer spirit – he donates his talents, his time, and his tools, all for the love of his craft and his favorite cause.


John, the Marching Redcoat family thanks you for your commitment and your kind generosity.  We appreciate you!


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Huge thank you to all of the Parents who help support the band in all capacities!!