Volunteer Spotlight


The Marching Redcoat Chicken Dinner is our most impactful fundraiser, and it takes some amazing people to make it all work.  One of those people is Meg Gibson, the neighborhood sales day organizer for this year’s grand event.


Meg (Mom to freshman Redcoat Charlotte Logan) stepped up to organize the sales day activities with great energy and excitement, and made the day about as painless as these things can get!  This super band Mom was everywhere – she provided coffee and sandwiches, ran flyers and vouchers to teams on their routes when they ran out, and was accessible to deal with the random organizational emergency.  Speaking of flyers, those were Meg’s creation.  She innovated our system to include flyers for online purchase and donation for folks not at home or not interested in chicken.  Awesome idea, right?  That idea helped us bring in even more donations than last year!


Meg is a busy lady – public servant by day (she is the librarian at Gilchrist Elementary) and super band Mom on nights and weekends.  Meg, thank you for sharing your time and talents with our Redcoats.  The Marching Redcoat Family appreciates you!


#bandfamily  #bandmomsrock


Huge thank you to all of the Parents who help support the band in all capacities!!