Form Submission

All forms may be electronically submitted using the link below.

2023-2024 LHS Band Form Submission

Band Handbook and Agreement

(The Band Handbook for the 2023-2024 School year and signature page are currently under construction.)
The following is the official Handbook for the Leon High School Band. It contains all pertinent information regarding the program and should answer any questions you may have. Students and Parents are asked to read the handbook carefully and submit the last page. The last page has been pulled out for your convenience and is listed as “Signature Sheet.”

2023-2024_LHS_Band_Handbook (PDF)

Band Forms & 2023-2024 Fee Breakdown

The following documents must be completed for students to participate in Marching Band. Without these forms on file, students will not be permitted to participate in outdoor rehearsals of any kind. Additionally, they allow us to update files and manage student participation. They must be completed each year. The fee breakdown forms show which payment option you would like to use for your student. Additional options are available upon a meeting with the director. Students in Scarlet Battalion or Leonettes should refer to the Auxiliary Fee Schedule.

2023-2024 LHS Band Forms Packet
2023-2024 LCSB Application for Activity Participation
2023-2024 LHS Band Medical Information Form
LHS Parent/Guardian Talent Survey

Summer – Instrument Rental Form

Please use this form when checking out an instrument from Leon High School for the summer. Please note that there is no charge for the instruments, but families should be careful about maintaining the instrument. A different form must be on file for each instrument loaned to a student.

Summer Rental Agreement

Solo and Ensemble

You can find the necessary information regarding Solo and Ensemble and the entire library using the link here –>

If you want to participate in Solo and Ensemble, you must fill out the required form for entry so that Mr. Commander can get the information correct. That form is found below.

Solo and Ensemble Entry Form