Leon Chorus History, 1921-present

Leon High School has a rich choral tradition.  The choral program was founded in 1920 and remains strong to this day.


1920-1921 School Year: Boys and Girls Glee Clubs established

1932-1933 School Year: Girls Quartet established(renamed Girls Octet 1934, renamed Triple Trio 1937, finally renamed Melodears in 1944)

1966-1967 School Year: Madrigal Singers established

1971-1972 School Year: Capital Singers established

1980-1981 School Year: Opus established

2002-2003 School Year: Mane Event established

Below is a list of all the people who have served as a Leon Choral Director:

Mrs. Myrtle Burr (1921-1926)
Mrs. Lula H. DeGraff (1926-1927)
Ollie Reese Whittle, 1927-1945
Mary Brown, 1945-1946
Harold Chapman, 1946-1967
Raymond Kickliter, 1966-1988

(pictured with wife, Patsy)

Susan Conrad, 1967-1969
Homeretta Ayala, 1973-1977
Nancy Marsters, 1977-1992
Dr. Judy R. Arthur, 1978-2016
Dr. Darryl Jones, 1988-1999
James R. Hershberger, 1999-2001
  Tabitha Peck, 2002-present
Peter Pursino, 2016-2020
Lisa Leaman, 2020-2021
Maggie Smith, 2021-present