Mane Event

Begun in 2002-2003 school year, Mane Event is one of the first and most acclaimed Pop A Cappella groups in all of Florida. In its relatively short history, Mane Event has competed in Southern A Cappella competitions three times – and won three times! In addition, Mane Event has placed second at the national competition twice, clearly establishing itself as one of the leading A Cappella ensembles in America. Over the years, Mane Event has toured across Florida, performing for new audiences and sharing the magic of A Cappella with fellow students around the state. Mane Event has also performed in interest sessions at the Florida All-State Conference, and performed at the President’s Concert for Florida ACDA. Clearly, this ensemble IS the main – and Mane – Event!

Audition info for 2020-2021:

*disclaimer: students who are virtual may audition for mane event but all rehearsals are in person (as this is an extra curricular ensemble) and we will be expected to be in the same room together*


You will be recording a video of yourself singing and you will submit it via flipgrid. The video will show you “warming up” (vocal range) and 30 seconds of any song you think showcases your voice.



Go to this page and select the HIGH SCHOOL exercises. The first is sung on ZAAAAH and the second is sung on ZEEEE.

(this is an example^^)

Soprano/Alto = please do BOTH the soprano 2 exercise AND the alto 2 exercise.

Tenor Basses please do BOTH the Tenor 2 exercise and the Bass 2 exercise.

*it’s ok if the examples go too high or too low – I just want to see your range!



Please sing 30 seconds of any song that you feel showcases your voice!

*If you wish to only audition for vocal percussion, please upload (in lieu of a singing video) a video of yourself vocal drumming to 3 different songs from 3 different genres – try to choose songs of differing tempo*

Make sure they are all on the same flipgrid video. Use THIS LINK to upload the video.