Leon Friends of Music, Inc.

Founded as Leon Choral Parents in 1971.
Incorporated as Leon Friends of Music, Inc in May ,2000

$50 PATRON (2 “friends passes”)

$75 BENEFACTOR (4 “friends passes”)

$125 ANGEL (6 “friends passes”)

$250 ARCHANGEL (6 “friends passes” PLUS 2 VIP PAWS passes – you’ll be contacted by Tabitha about PAWS)

$500 BUSINESS PARTNER (8 Membership Cards, 4 VIP PAWS Passes, 2 Summer Show passes. you’ll be contacted about PAWS and Summer Show!)

Any Amount is appreciated!!

Thank you so much!


• The Leon Friends of Music, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose sole purpose is to provide assistance to the Leon Choral Department students and faculty. Through financial contributions and volunteer hours the organization makes possible the continued quality of music education for all of our students.

• Fund raising activities sponsored by LFM are connected to “music making” events. Donations (concert passes), concert tickets, and events such as the fall Chili dinner sustain the budget of LFM, Inc. which supports the activities of the Leon Choral Department, as stated in the by-laws.

• Subsidies for student fees, uniform rentals, All State, and Honor Choir expenses are available through LFM. Parents who need assistance are asked to contact one of the directors.

• A scholarship fund has been established through the Pullen Scholarship Fund to assist with student activities such as voice lessons, summer music camps, All State, and Honor Choir trips. Scholarships are primarily need based and information will be provided to students and on-line.

Leon Friends’ Passes

LFM, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductable and go directly towards expenses incurred by the Choral Department. Friends donations and concert donations are the major source of funds for the budget. As a donating member you will receive a Friends Pass that will admit you to Fall, Winter, and Spring Concerts. We gladly accept donations from businesses as well as individuals. The LFM budget is totally committed to helping faculty and students pursue their musical goals. Be a FRIEND!!

Leon Friends of Music Fund Raisers

The combination of food and music seems to do well for us, and our parents are planning chili in the fall and in the spring a gourmet dessert/music evening. These events were a culinary, financial, and musical success during the past school year. At the Chili Night on November 18, we ask parents to bring a pot of their favorite chili and copies of the recipe. For $10 guests enjoy as many kinds of chili as they can handle, gather new recipes, and enjoy our choirs in concert. In the spring for $10 expect a dessert extravaganza and lots of great music!!

Pullen Scholarship Fund

The Dale Pullen Memorial Golf Tournament was established by the Pullen family to honor the memory of their son and raise money for college scholarships to Leon music students. The first STAR Award of $500 was given in 2000. The fund has grown to the current level of $5000 in scholarships annually! A $2000 STAR Award and six $500 Pullen Scholarships are now given each year to outstanding Leon Choral students.
Beginning this year the Golf Tournament is also directly supporting programs of Leon Friends of Music, Inc. These additional funds are NOT intended to pay for operating expenses but to provide additional opportunities for students to take voice lessons, attend conferences, go to summer camps, and subsidize the cost of uniforms. The Pullen family expressed concern to me that parents would not continue to support the organization financially if funds were coming from another source. We feel that our parents will continue to be generous in their support when they know how the money is used. The LFM, Inc. budget will be presented at the September meeting. We are all very grateful to the Pullen’s for their continued support of our programs and students!