Leon Voice Lessons Academy

voice lessons info and application 21-22

The Leon High School Choral Department is happy to be able to provide lessons to our students. Lessons are provided as a way to help improve student’s individual abilities as well as increase and maintain successful ratings at all Music Performance Assessments. Lessons are available to ANY student in the Choral Program at Leon High School. For the fall semester, all private lessons will be virtual with PJ Wilford.

Lessons are 30 minutes per week with 12 lessons being provided per semester. Cost is $240.00 per semester, paid by September 1st (fall) and by January 14th (spring). We do not pay on a lesson-by-lesson basis. Our teachers are paid on contract through LCSB.

Applications are due August 27, 2021. Any student who can pay $240 per semester is guaranteed acceptance in our lessons program. Please remember that this cost is per semester.

Lessons must be paid in advance. Leon County Schools required that we deposit the money for the semester before they will process payment for our teachers. All Private Lessons Teachers are paid through a contract with LCSB. We will not begin lessons until payment is received.

We rely on donations to Leon Friends of Music to be able to provide funding for selected students to earn scholarship opportunities. We will award scholarships based on need of the program as well as the financial needs of the families. Obviously, we want as many students to be able to participate as possible. However, do not hesitate to apply for a scholarship if there is need.

Students who will be absent from lessons MUST notify their teacher as well as Mrs. Peck at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson in order to be able to receive and schedule a makeup. It is the student’s responsibility to have the appropriate contact information! Unexcused absences from lessons can result in a) loss of scholarship, b) loss of pre-paid lesson with no refund, or c) nonrefundable dismissal from the Voice Academy as we are still required to pay the teachers for their time. We will have a waiting list of students to fill any vacancies. If one of our teachers has to cancel lessons, the lesson will be made up later in the semester.  *If you wake up ill on the day of the lesson, please notify your teacher before 9am that a makeup is needed*

*Students in the Choral program who take part in the Lesson Academy will be encouraged to participate in MPA solo and ensemble event in February, and are expected to sing in a final recital in the spring.*

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