Summer Show 2024 Information


Director: Robert Stuart

Music Director: Tabitha Peck

Choreographer: Anna Norris

Assistant Music Director: Maggie Smith

Orchestra Director: Lee Commander

Auditions are in the Leon Chorus room on April 2&3, 2024 at 3:00pm. Please read all info below!

Come dressed for dance, no need to change for the singing portion of the audition.

Callbacks are April 7th at 1:00 (for dance callbacks) and 2pm for singing and acting. Please note: If you are not called back, you may still be cast! We keep callbacks at a minimum as not to waste time. 🙂 Casting is not contingent upon receiving a callback!!

Actors will be notified by April 3rd if they are to come to callbacks.

To audition:

Please fill in your information and register for auditions here.

Just as a reminder – this is the calendar.

Please bring with you a signed contract (here). Hard copies are available that day but know what you’re signing!

Please prepare either Goonight My Someone(measures 42-end), or 76 Trombones (measurex 1-36). Generally, females should be preparing Goodnight and Male should be preparing 76 Trombones.

Karoke tracks will be used for 76 trombones, Goodnight My Someone, and Trouble. They are here. It is possible at the auditions that we will hear 76 trombones transposed down a third. There is a cut track of that in the folder referenced above.

My White Knight, Till There Was You will have a live accompaniment (not a track, you can just use the tracks here for practice)


For callbacks, you will be asked which of the following to prepare:

Harold Hill: Trouble in River City (m. 44-100) and Til There Was You Duet( m. 52-59)

Marian: My White Knight (m. 1-17) and Til There Was You Duet( m. 52-59)

Quartet: “Ice Cream” tag, will be taught to you on site, reference sheet music here. You may learn more than one part.

Other female supporting leads will just read for the part.